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#OwenCooks: Ugly But Delicious Healthy Raspberry Fudge Brownies

Okay, just from looking at the picture you can tell these didn't turn out quite how they're supposed to.

I think it's partly because the oven sucked and partly because I was supposed to let them sit at room temperature for eight hours and I just couldn't resist trying them the night I made them.

Okay, it's probably mostly that second one.

The good news is these things are freaking delicious, and at only 65 calories per, they're a guilt-free indulgence to boot!

The genesis for me trying this came late one night at the family farm, when my dad decided he wanted banana bread in the morning and baked up a loaf. It smelled so good.

But he'd used a crapload of sugar and butter in the recipe and I've been trying to avoid too much sugar, especially, so I decided to see what I had in the pantry and then look online for something I could try.

The recipe is from Amy's Healthy Baking and it's called Healthy Small Batch Fudgy Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownies.

They use maple syrup for sweetness, and Greek yogurt for texture and moistness, which also gives them a protein boost. Most of Amy's recipes seem to lean on Greek yogurt, and I'll tell you, I'm fully onboard.

I used coconut oil instead of butter. And I only had like 5.5 cups of cocoa powder, so I chucked in some cocoa nibs as well.

Otherwise I feel like I followed this recipe right up until the point where it said you had to wait eight hours to try them, and that just wasn't happening.

The good news is that even though the presentation is hurting, the taste really isn't. These things are amazing.

And if their ugliness means nobody else wants to try them, hell, all the more for me.

(Except that didn't happen. They were gone in a day.)

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