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#OwenCooks: Healthy Chicken Alfredo

This was one of the first creative projects I tried in the kitchen during #ProjectNomad.

One of my go-to things to cook has always been pasta with chicken, pesto and Alfredo sauces, and a bunch of bell peppers and maybe some broccoli thrown in.

It's simple and hearty (that describes most of the things I cook!), but when I started #ProjectNomad I wanted to find an alternative to the store-bought, heavy cream Alfredo sauce I'd been relying on.

I suspected that if I could make my own sauce using alternate ingredients, it would definitely help me manage my nutritional intake.

Enter this great recipe for healthy alfredo sauce from Cook The Story. It uses Greek yogurt instead of butter and cream and is super simple to put together, with much less fat.

I used chicken broth instead of white wine. And where the recipe says to be careful about temperature when adding yogurt to the sauce, I was not. This made the yogurt clump into little Parmesan flavour clusters, as the recipe notes, and I was totally fine with that eventuality.

I added chicken breast, broccoli, bell peppers and pesto sauce mix and served it with 100% whole grain linguine.

And for dessert I served healthy dark chocolate almond butter blobs (they were supposed to be balls, but I failed at the ball portion that first go around), which I'll do a post about another time.

The sauce turned out delicious, and it was lovely to enjoy a staple without a) relying so much on the store-bought sauce, and b) feeling smug about cutting the butter and heavy cream.

Greek yogurt is magical!

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